Dil Dil

Banaspati & Cooking Oil

Dil DIl is a hardcore desi brand which is purely made for those Pakistani families who live with their cultural values and always ready to sacrifice their life and wealth for the country.

This product is fully processed, therefore, it is hygienic and enriched with such ingredients which can make your cooked meal delicious and aromatic.

Dil Dil Banaspati

Dil Dil Cooking Oil

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Latest Recipes

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Daal Makhni

Ingredients 2 Cups Sabut urad dal 8 cups Water 2 tbsp Salt 1 tbsp Ginger, sliced 2 tbsp Butter 1 …Read More
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Sarson Ka Saag

Ingredients 1 bunch (1/2 pound) spinach (washed and finely chopped) 1 bunch (1/2 pound) mustard greens (washed and finely chopped) …Read More
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Ingredients 2 cups All purpose flour (maida) 11/2 tbsp. fine grained semolina or rice flour 1/4th tsp. baking powder 2 …Read More
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Paaye Cholay

Ingredients For Paya: Mutton paaya 6 Salt 1 ½ tsp Turmeric 1tsp Whole Garam masala 1 tbsp Oil ½ cup Ginger …Read More
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